If You Want To Save Money On Your Carpet Cleaning This Could Be The Most Important Video You Will Ever See


Even though these six questions are exceptionally good questions, they are rendered worthless if you don’t ask to see written proof of these credentials from the Carpet Cleaner. What people tell you over the phone these days and what they deliver are often two completely different things.

THE SECRET to hiring a genuine carpet cleaning technician is not just in the six questions above THE SECRET IS also investing a little more with a true and honest professional. I believe most people know this but are fooled by the very cheap offers out there in the market today.

EXPOSING Carpet Cleaners, their Dirty Tricks and helping consumers just like you get the right carpet cleaner at the right price is what this free consumer guide is all about and it’s the purpose of this short video. See the Hidden Video Footage, catching carpet cleaners and their sneaky tricks. Yes… It’s happening right here in Australia too.

If you’ve been a victim of this unscrupulous behaviour I guarantee you’re nodding your head right about now.

OK… So what can you do to hire a genuine and honest carpet cleaner?

Here is how to make sure you hire a genuine and honest technician… Use these six really good questions of any cleaning company before deciding on a carpet cleaning technician that is right for you…

If you believe you are getting a better deal by saving a little money then think again.

Think about this… Let’s say you own a business and you have two customers to work for. Customer 1 is going to pay you $300 but customer 2 is trying to knock your price down and only prepared to pay you $200. Ask yourself this important question… who will you to do the best job for? It’s Customer 1 of course because he is prepared to invest a little more with you.

The Carpet Cleaning industry is no different. The cheap carpet cleaners all want to bait you with a cheap quote, get you booked in, and then lure you in for the big up-sell on the day of the cleaning. Try not to fall for the bait and switch tactics. As a former carpet cleaner with over 16 year’s experience I highly recommend investing a few dollars more with a true and genuine carpet cleaning professional.

Misleading Carpet Cleaning Flyers

Above is a typical flyer you could receive in the mail box that is designed to trick you into one of the sneakiest deceptions there is in the carpet cleaning industry. I have whited out their details so we don’t expose who they are… only what they are doing. The trick is to entice you into a cheap but deceptive price with the intention to up-sell once in your home. DON’T FALL FOR IT!

Carpet Cleaning Warning

Just because a carpet cleaner tells you they’re certified and licensed, it doesn’t always mean you’re about to hire a professional who is wanting to deliver a quality job. Although it is important to hire a cleaning technician who has been certified and licensed it has been proven that certifications these days are easier to get than a packet of cornflakes.

Here are three warning signs to look out for with even when a cleaning company is certified and licensed:

The cleaning company will appear to be quite cheap in comparison to a true professional who has invested substantially into the proper cleaning equipment.

They will inevitably try to sell you some extra services while in your home that should be included in the cleaning service anyway. Things like stain treatment, deodorising, sanitising, industrial cleaner. Try not to be fooled by these sales people who call themselves honest and reliable carpet cleaners.

They will try to talk their way around a guarantee. The excuses you are most likely to hear are things like: “I’ve been cleaning carpets for 50 years”… or something to that effect.
The best thing about certified and licensed Carpet Steam Cleaning Professionals is the fact that they have had a minimum of two days to a full week in school… meaning they have learnt about carpet cleaning, types of carpeting plus what is good and what is bad for your carpets etc.

Please note that a certification does ‘NOT’ mean the person you hire is going to deliver a good quality carpet cleaning job so be sure to ask all six questions listed above and be sure you see a Written Guarantee!

In my personal opinion the best carpet cleaners (in Australia) have been trained by teachers like Leo Powell from the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and Jena Dyco. The end results are better qualified carpet technicians in your home who truly know and understand what they are doing.

Another very strict governing body that has emerged and holds the highest standards I have ever seen for its members is the Advantage Group. Together with their National Police Clearances, compliance to Occupational Health & Safety practices including participating in environmental programs related to our industry (such as the Green Stamp initiative/Green Business Skills certification), the Advantage Group Carpet Cleaners (Inc) can now claim to be the only group of trained technicians in their industry in a sea of un-qualified carpet cleaners.

Why Listen to me about carpet cleaning

I was a certified and licensed in carpet cleaning, flood damage and water restoration along with leather and upholstery cleaning in Sydney for over 16 years… and I can spot a bad carpet cleaner from a mile away.

I started this website back in 2007 as a totally free service for every person who is looking to hire a good, honest and reliable carpet cleaner. When I was cleaning carpets, I saw and heard many horror stories. I came to realise that almost nine in every ten people were either being ripped off or done over by the low priced, cheap and nasty work by un-licensed, un-trained and un-certified carpet cleaners who don’t care about you one bit.

Since starting this free consumer guide I’ve had emails come in and read storied from Melbourne, far north Queensland and even from the USA and UK. Some were testimonials, others were carpet cleaners saying thank you and some carpet cleaners saying I am wrong… you can draw your own conclusion on that.

So if you’re comparing carpet cleaning technicians, I hope you will be wise and not fall for the low-priced tricks because there is ALWAYS a catch! If the price seams too good to be true then it usually is. To learn the whole truth, take a look at the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Warning.

Cleaning References 1 and 2Cleaning Reference

7 reasons

  1. You soon see and feel that the cleaners you hired don’t look or seem to know what they are doing.
  2. The confrontation of the cleaning company asking you to pay more than their original quote.
  3. They use the wrong chemicals that sometimes turn your beautiful expensive carpet yellow or brown in colour… permanently!
  4. They saturate your carpet and it takes days to dry thus giving the genuine and honest cleaning professionals who work hard to earn your trust a bad name.
  5. They cause discolouration to your carpeting giving you a very bad experience.
  6. They can cause thousands of dollars of damage.
  7. Then just try and get them back; you will be avoided like the plague and fed more excuses than one could poke a stick at. You just became another one of their victims because you innocently tried to save yourself a hundred dollars or so. Yes this happens all the time, every day. If the price seams too good to be true then it probably is.

With over 16 year’s experience I was recently put to the test where I was asked to call multiple cleaning companies and see if I could hire a good quality carpet cleaner. With a day’s work ahead of me on the phone and a hot cup of tea I was up for the challenge.

Here’s what happened…

I was able to talk with 9 to 11 people within the hour. I spoke to 78 to 84 people every day for 3 days totalling 241 carpet cleaning companies. From that list and with the knowledge I personally have in the industry I struggled to find 16 carpet cleaners worth hiring.

If I struggled so much to find just 16 good carpet cleaners, what hope does the average consumer have without this carpet cleaning consumer guide?

A Professional Technician Should Be:

  • Polite
  • Turn up on-time
  • Leave no mess
  • Courteous
  • Highly trained at carpet cleaning
  • Experienced and dedicated
  • licensed and certified
  • Carry professional cleaning equipment (preferably a quality truck mount) and pride themselves on quality workmanship and honesty rather than cheap prices.
  • Only charge you the price you were originally quoted. A price should be set and locked in.
  • They will be able to show you a written guarantee.

Here’s How To Hire a Professional…

Call and get a solid quote in writing. No false deceptive price to lure you in. Expect to invest a bit more with true professionals.

Choose a day and time that works for both you and the cleaner.

Ask for a genuine GUARANTEE of their work. I firmly believe all good carpet cleaners should stand by their Carpet Cleaning with a 100% money back Guarantee!

After investing sixteen years into the carpet cleaning industry and choosing to put together this non-profit carpet cleaning consumer guide I’ve also chosen to distribute free articles on the internet pertaining to the cleaning industry. I’m fortunate enough to have a copy of an effective Carpet Cleaning Article that was published on numerous ezines and article directories some time back… See that article by Clicking on Carpet Cleaning.